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Micro Focus is one of the leading experts in data encryption, pseudonymization, tokenization, and data masking solutions for enterprise data privacy and regulatory compliance. They are in charge of protecting the world’s most sensitive data. Voltage SecureData provides an end-to-end customer centric approach to data protection for big corporate companies. It is the only comprehensive data protection platform that enables the user to protect data over its entire lifecycle - from the point at which it’s received, throughout its movement and duplication across your extended enterprise, all without exposing live in-formation to high-risk, high-threat environments.

Following are the key features of Voltage SecureData:

  • Uncompromised data usability while protection: Unlike several rigid cyber security solutions, Voltage allows you to enable data protection while keeping data usable for analytics and business processes. In this manner, data can be forwarded and received in its protected form without breaking applications, databases, or hindering analytics.
  • Brilliantly easy to implement across your organisation: SecureData provides a highly flexible range of native interfaces, REST Cand Simple APIs for its user, to enable easy integration across all applications and different systems, from legacy databases to mobile, web, and IoT. This extensive support is the key behind why Voltage is so quickly and easily adapted by organisations throughout all of their devices and web applications. 
  • Up to date with the uprising cloud environment: Voltage SecureData Cloud runs cloud-native for trusted security assurance, by fluidly ensuring data protection consistently across hybrid IT infrastructure. SecureData Cloud accelerates new business models by promoting the safe deployment of flexible workloads while a new organisation adapts to macro IT movements such as hybrid IT scenarios. 
  • A Unique Approach to complete End-to-End Encryption: Voltage SecureData is a completely distinctive, highly reliable data centric approach to protection - where the access policy flows along with the data itself - by allowing data encryption and tokenization without any changes to data format or integrity.

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