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Protecting unstructured data is one of your biggest organizational challenges. Anyone can send an email, create a document or upload a file and you wouldn’t know if your security regulations are exposing information or protecting it. Data classification is the foundation of data security - be it the cloud or your corporate firewall. Protection of data can get hard if your personnel and software tools do not have the abilities to contain it. Giving your data context and enormously help your organisation’s structural information contents and keep sensitive information away from hackers/attackers. 

Here is the step-by-step process of how Titus keeps your data safe:

  • Identify Unstructured Data: Titus helps you identify the business value of unstructured data at the time of inception or wherever it resides at rest, so that your organization knows what kind of data it possesses and in what manner can it be protected.
  • Protect Data in the Cloud: You have the power to discover and protect sensitive data in motion and at rest to enable secure cloud collaboration among several consoles, users and thereby ensure that all users can access the data without having to worry about compromising it. 
  • Optimize DLP, CASB & Other Security Investments: You get increased accuracy of DLP and CASB solutions and the option to now apply persistent protection to email and documents with encryption and rights management. This helps you make sure that different forms and different classes of data get different levels of encryption. 
  • Improve Data Management: Capture retention-related metadata as users create and send information so that your organization can make informed decisions about archiving, storage, retention, and deletion.

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