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With everything going online, organisations are rapidly getting more flexible and taking advantage of the up and coming technologies. In this phase where everything is the constant process of updation, it has become harder and harder for organisations to safeguard their data and system against potential hacking and data breaches. Your company’s data and statistics could be stolen without you even knowing it, this data could then be capitalised on and sold in the market, potentially be used to gaslight your company by its competitors. 
Tenable.io is an incredibly easy-to-use solution for all of it. Not only is it the go-to solution for >50% of Fortune 500 companies, it provides 32% more vulnerability coverage than any of its competitors. 

Here are some of the many reasons for why Tenable.io suits your organisation:

  • Customer-oriented asset flexibility: Tenable.io has a very user-first licensing model which consumes just a single license per unit asset even when the asset is being used by multiple IP addresses. 
  • Asset-based tracking: Tenable outperforms competitors consistently in terms of ability to track assets and their vulnerabilities more accurately than any other solution in the industry
  • It prioritizes vulnerabilities for you based on their actual risk. After using more than over 150 data sources, it comes up with a probability of the extent to which a vulnerability will leveraged in an attack. It automatically tells you what vulnerabilities you should tackle first based on their sensitivity 

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