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You cannot protect or defend yourself from what you don’t know is in your network, like unapproved devices, unauthorized software, obsolete packages etc. Qualys gives you full horizontal visibility of all hardware and software, scaling up to millions of assets – on premises, in cloud instances and mobile endpoints. This gives you the freedom to block attacks and patch your web application vulnerabilities for future security purposes. Qualys WAF is an industry-leading cloud service for scalable, simple and powerful protection of web applications.

Qualys WAF has the following features:

  • Cloud agility: With no special hardware to buy or pay maintenance for, Qualys WAF’s virtual appliance can be deployed and scaled up rapidly on nearly all premises using VMware, Hyper-V or Docker; and in public cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Eagle eyed visibility into firewall operation: WAF gives you complete visibility into its data for consistent supervision, risk assessments and remediation strategies. It’s intelligent dashboard summarizes website traffic information and latest security event trends. Detailed threat information lets you assess severity and tweak security settings to your accordance and as per the situation demands.
  • Strict rules with complete flexibility in controls: WAF protects your web apps using security policies backed by Qualys’ excellent security intelligence, and one-click responses to security events. You can address your own security needs with simple, customizable and reusable policies and rules, which you can change as per your needs and your organisation’s developments accordingly.
  • Fully integrated web app security: Qualys is one of the only software solutions that gives you a single, interactive console for web application vulnerability detection (Qualys WAS) and protection (Qualys WAF) for effortless identification and breakdown of risks - for a dozen apps or thousands all at the same time. Moreover, you can supervise all of it from one centralized portal. This helps dramatically because it allows security teams to secure their web apps without having to involve network security teams, this further reduces operational complexity and costs.

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