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Burp Suite is a leading force among the vast array of website security testing applications. It's master class technology lets you find the latest vulnerabilities and fix them before anyone else can find.  Yes, it continues to raise bars when it comes to website security testing. The software is available in two editions; Burp Suite Professional for testers and Burp Suite Enterprise for businesses. 

Burp Suite  does the following for you:

  • Covers up to 100 generic vulnerabilities; SQL injection, cross-site scripting, to name a few. The tool is one among the top ten among website vulnerability scanner.
  • The highly advanced crawler creates a map of content and functionality, automatically handling sessions, state changes, volatile content, and application logins.
  • Its JAVA script analysis engine combines the static and dynamic techniques to detect vulnerabilities.
  • The collaborator technology detects vulnerabilities at the server site. These generally remain hidden in external website applications.
  • Infiltrator technology offers interactive application security testing. It targets applications and gives real-time feedback to its scanner when the payloads detect dangerous app interactions.
  • The frequently updated scanning logic contains information on the latest vulnerabilities.

Scheduled repeat scams, unlimited scalability, advanced manual tools, integration with customer intelligence, and essential manual tools. Choose the package as per your requirements from the options given below:

  • For professionals

  • Enterprise edition

  • For communities

Leave your website security concerns with us. You will give your hundred percent to scaling up your business!

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