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Oxygen Forensic Detective

It is one of the industry leading applications in terms of the quality and quantity of the services it offers. Be it accuracy, efficiency or the range of any forensic service, Oxygen’s software has an unmatched rate of success and a loyal client base. It can completely extract data - regardless of how confidential it is - like passwords, contacts, encrypted files, messages, deleted data etc. It can extract data fast, uncover assets, organises all of these files and folders into a form that makes it easy for the user to sort and analyse through them later. 

Here are some of the unique services and innovations that Oxygen Forensic Detective brought to the market:

  • Link analysis: Oxygen Forensic software provides a variety of tools to analyse and find out social connections between the device owner and its contacts or between several devices by analyzing calls, messages and app communication activities. You, as an investigator, can use either a Graph or Diagram to view and identify social links, find common contacts and analyze communication statistics.
  • Facial Recognition: Oxygen Forensics offers the most innovative and powerful capabilities to allow you to categorize human faces using built-in facial recognition technology. The facial recognition component can be downloaded from the customer area at no additional charges whatsoever. Once installed,you can have access to the Faces section of Oxygen Forensic JetEngine. Oxygen Forensics has an excellent research department that innovates and updates their applications constantly with a graphic user interface that gives you all the utility you need along with all the features you can ask for.

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