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Titania Nipper Studio has an unparalleled success rate and stark reputation in the field of configuration auditing for firewalls, switches and routers. Nipper quickly identifies undiscovered vulnerabilities in firewalls, switches and routers, automatically prioritizing risks in accordance with your enterprise. Our virtual modeling reduces false positives to a negligible rate and identifies exact fixes to help you keep your corporation secure and compliant. 

Nipper Studio offers the following solutions as a part of their product experience:

  • Accurate remediation with exact technical fixes: Nipper Studio offers accurate identification of threats and risks in your entire network infrastructure and provides complete remediation solutions including, but not limited to, command line fixes. Using Nipper has documented that auditing teams can save upto a whopping rate of 3-4 hours per device. It even allows you to customize best practice audits in the market or use ‘out of the box’ industry compliance standards (such as the STIG & CIS benchmarks).
  • Gives you critical features that other scanners don’t: Be it Audit without Network Traffic, Authentication Configuration, Authorization Configuration, Network Address Translation, Network Protocols, Device Specific Options, Time Synchronization etc. Nipper Studio does innumerable things for your company’s cyber wellbeing that other products do not offer you. 
  • Crucial Configuration & Build Analysis: You can further elevate your security systems using automatic configuration & build analysis tools, they serve as a significant advantage for an SOC or NOC. By utilising these tools to analyse your system set-ups, in detail and at speed - implies that you can find and close exploitable vulnerabilities that monitoring or scanning based solutions would miss out on.

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