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Nexpose is a wonderfully crafted vulnerability management solution that allows act from the very moment of threat detection and gives you a chance to contain them and reduce your organisation’s exposure to them as much as you can. It is one of the best performing on premise vulnerability management solutions. Rapid-7’s on time scans help it monitor exposure in real time itself and makes sure that it gets time to adapt accordingly with the levels of risk you’re up against. Rest assured, with Nexpose you never have to wait to act at the moment of threat detection.

This is what makes Nexpose a long lasting choice for most of its customers

  • An extremely accurate and precise method to rate risk: More often than not, scanners will use a High/Medium/Low scale or the classic 1-10 CVSS scale to rate risk. But the issue is, when you dozens of risks labelled as high or hundreds of issues that rank 10, it becomes hard to analyse and know where to start from. Nexpose saw this issue and solved user’s turmoil by creating their own risk measuring method. This scale uses a 1-1000 ranking system giving you a much more detailed overview of what risks are absolutely top priority and need to be tackled first. 
  • It makes things easier for your IT crew: it automatically creates asset groups and intelligently learns patterns based on how you tackle them. It creates special reports based on different vulnerabilities based on the kind of data that is useful to the team that will be directly engaging the problem and solving it.
  • Get to your desired solution at faster rates: This guarantees that your efforts and resources are being viable and getting you the results that you need. Nexpose allows you to easily analyse the change in your risk levels based upon your remediation efforts and overall experience with the software. You can even compare different IT remediation teams against each other to understand where you should reallocate your energy and budget.

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