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Metasploit Pro

Metasploit is a leading penetration testing software that organisations need now more than ever. It helps you to engage your system and let you play the role of the attacker. In this manner, you can stimulate attacks on your own software and get to know your vulnerabilities and weak points in advance so that you are prepared for the real attack. Using their wide database of exploits, you can stimulate real time attacks on your own system and train your security team to get adept and locating and preventing the real thing. 

  • A product that gives its user an edge over others: Metasploit is the software that you should opt for because it increases penetration testers’ productivity, validates vulnerabilities, enables phishing and broader social engineering, and improves security awareness.
  • Take advantage of Rapid7’s extensive resources: Working on this open source project gives you the edge of having the backing of one of the most trusted names in the security field. Rapid7 gives you the perspective of the attacker’s mindset, current vectors and methodologies. Rapid7 keeps on adding new exploits weekly by working closely with the user community. 
  • Stimulate real world attacks on system regardless of your current defenses: Metasploit easily bypasses leading antivirus solutions and allows to filter through data post exploitation. 
  • Sophisticated Social Engineering to test and infiltrate: Metasploit Pro allows you to send and track emails to thousands of people at once with Metasploit Pro’s scalable phishing campaigns. You can also clone web application login pages with a single click to receive and process credentials, send payloads, and direct security awareness training by analysing conversion rates and extracting  tangible data at each step in the social engineering campaign funnel.

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