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In today’s age of growing hacking threats everyday, systems are in constant process of updates and patches. This task, as tumultuous in itself, can be a draining one for your IT staff. In today’s age, everyone is constantly moving to automation of as many tasks as possible. Hence, every organisation needs a solution that is able to research, evaluate, test, and apply patches across the enterprise easily and automatically. Brought by Landesk, a very trustworthy name in the industry of cyber security, Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager can be used by your organisation to constantly discover, assess, and remediate thousands of client systems based on policies you define and without saturating your network or disrupting user productivity.

Here is a list of a few ways in which Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager ensures a smooth functioning and good product value:

  • Complete transparency and complete access: This marvelous software allows you to see, assess and protect your system by giving you a full view of your situation. Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager has a feature of scanning for and displaying all patches installed on any and everyone of your client systems, whether those patches were installed from Ivanti or somewhere else. It leverages the largest patch catalog on the market to remediate vulnerabilities from thousands of third-party applications for Windows and Mac.
  • More efficient patching through advanced automation: Patch for Endpoint Manager automates patch management, thus enabling granular, policy-driven control over what gets patched with what frequency and at what time. The solution’s Wake-on-WAN feature wakes machines across the enterprise, without network configuration, to increase patch success rates and reduce deployment times, ensuring all your systems throughout your enterprise are at par with each other.

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