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Fortify Webinspect is an industry standard for dynamic application security testing solutions. Even though software security is now being given higher priority than before time and again, one quarter of respondents still report that their application security programs and solutions giving a coverage of only 1 percent to 25 percent of their apps. Fortify Webinspect take care of this by helping you find, prioritize and treat web application vulnerabilities. It also gives you the power to automate web application testing across a software portfolio. 

The scope of features provided by Fortify Webinspect are as follows:

  • Unparalleled compliance management: It gives you pre-configured policies and reports for all major compliance regulations related to web application security, including PCI DSS, DISA STIG, NIST 800-53, ISO 27K, OWASP, and HIPPAA.
  • Open availability as per your needs: Web Fortify Webinspect, you have the option to start on premise or start as a service and later expand according to your organisation’s growth and updation. It even gives you the option to manage DAST on premise or even as a program in a completely centralised fashion. 
  • Intelligent processing of data: After managing application security risk at an enterprise level, you have further options to view data in form of specifically tailored reports. These reports can be used for remediation and for management oversight. This streamlined flow of data helps you monitor trends and use dynamic analysis to take action on vulnerabilities within the application itself.

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