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Belkasoft Evidence Center

Belkasoft Evidence Center makes it extremely convenient for an investigator to acquire, search, analyze, store and share digital evidence found inside any computers or mobile devices, RAM or cloud. The toolkit is blazingly fast at gathering digital evidence from several sources by analyzing hard drives, drive images, cloud, memory dumps, iOS, Blackberry and Android backups, GrayKey, UFED, OFB, Elcomsoft, TWRP images, JTAG, and chip-off dumps. Evidence Center automatically analyzes the data source and lays out the most forensically important artifacts for investigator to review, examine more closely or add to report in whatever way the user sees fit. The automation at every step of the way really takes the load of the investigator and helps the user get all the information and facts in a simple, streamlined fashion in order to review and move forward. 

Here are some of the features of Belkasoft Evidence Center:

  • Consistently Evolving and Accurate Analysis: Evidence Center looks everywhere in the device automatically till completion and can successfully identify over more than a 1000 types of digital commodities and products. Belkasoft even has a convenient Evidence Search feature helps to narrow down the findings using filters, predefined searches and several other options. 
  • Complete choice of extension with BelkaScript: A free scripting module allows you to write your own custom scripts in order to automate some of the routine tasks and further extend the product's functionality for your regular use. This gives you complete access over how you want your software to work for you, not the other way around. 

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