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ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

Yet another one of the headlining products of Micro Focus, ArcSight ESM was one of the breakthrough softwares in the field of security information and event management. It was one of the first softwares that truly gave its users the free liberty to tackle cyber threats in real time by using powerful, scalable, and efficient SIEM security software. ArcSight has made a lot of improvements and innovations in this field because it has made great investments around opening up its architecture, embedding analytics, and unlocking the capability of the SIEM. all of these features are getting mainstream now but they were brought in by ArcSight and its team of stark researchers and developers.

ArcSight can offer invaluable insights to your cyber security using these features:

  • SIEM’s first distributed correlation solution: With ArcSight ESM 7.0, SOCs can gain the ability to expand their cyber security scope and footprint and respond quicker to evolving threats at a massive scale - up to 100,000 correlated events per second, per cluster - as well as solve a wider set of security use cases.
  • Take full use of Micro Focus State of Security Operations Report: Annual SecOps study shows 12% improvement in SOC maturity citing the most significant shift in five years; Yet 20% of assessed SOCs continue to operate ad-hoc with serious gaps in security. ArcSight is here to bridge the gap between your enterprise’s critical information and lack of cyber security in today’s age of increasing hacks and data breaches. 
  • Integration with ArcSight Investigate: ArcSight ESM is the only tools that integrates with the unique ArcSight Investigate to generate extremely fast and intuitive search and data visualization within you security operations infrastructure. ArcSight Investigate is an indispensable companion to next-generation hunt and serves as an investigation solution built on a new advanced analytics platform to serve the ever growing requirements of the security environment.

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