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Appknox takes mobile application security testing to the next level!

Launch mobile apps faster into the market without having to compromise their security. Scale-up your business without any worry in the world. Entrust us with all your security woes!

Why Appknox?

Appknox does the following for you:

  • Eliminates recurring threats at lightning speed; allowing you to save time in marketing
  • Delivers you a complete vulnerability assessment testing within one and a half-hour; lets you release the app into the market at the earliest
  • State of the art dynamic application security testing lets you catch vulnerabilities and fix before a hacker can see them.

Appknox Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic application security testing is a security mechanism designed to detect vulnerabilities when an app is running. This lets businesses thwart the most common attack called “man in the middle attack.” Our fully automated system is offering real-time interaction between user and our cloud-based device they access. Our system analyzes and reports vulnerabilities. You can fix them before launching it into the market. This is different from the general SAST analysis. When you upload your app, it goes into a test environment. Then our system launches several attacks and reports loopholes and vulnerabilities.

We even offer a combination of SAST and DAST, allowing businesses to integrate security testing and detect threats of all kinds.

We are elated when your customers attest to your mobile application security!

How it works

The moment you upload your app, Appknox starts testing it for vulnerabilities. Within one and a half hour, you get a complete dynamic assessment report of your application security testing.

Our system combines speed and accuracy to set you above your competition. Its enterprise platform tests multiple apps at the same time.

Be fast, unique, and secure and scale your mobile app market with Appknox!

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