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Updated anti-virus, SSL encryption, the safety lock that https offers; everything combines to create a false sense of security. The information may appear counter-intuitive. Unfortunately, that is the truth. Statistics show that 80% of websites are hackable. Even the latest security mechanisms are not going to help you. Hackers target web applications like shopping carts and dynamic content that remain open 24-7. This way, they gain access to sensitive information like credit card details of your customers. Website security is the thing that maintains a firm. However, this faces the toughest test from web application hackers.

Companies design web apps based on the customer requirements of the time. And they may not get the time to test them for vulnerabilities. Here comes Acunetix to your rescue. The technology offers you the following benefits:

  • Automatically tests your websites for SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Attacks along with more than 4400 vulnerabilities
  • Offers vulnerability management tools; allows you to not only discover but also take remedial actions.
  • Scrolls through complicated web apps like JAVA and heavy HTML files. The log-in sequence recorder automatically scans through areas that require user authentication.
  • Detects vulnerabilities and provides alerts; ensures the utmost accuracy in scanning; alerts you by the severity of the attack. It helps you prioritize and manage security risks across the company and act accordingly.

AcuSensor Technology

Our AcuSensor Technology minimizes false alarms, thus setting Acunetix above its competition. It places an agent inside the source code of your website. This allows interactive application technology. It relays the results to the scanner during the process of source code execution. This lets the scanner know the line of code that the hacker attacked. Combine it with the additional debug information available. Your remedial actions get as effective as the situation demands.

A fully automated web browser

Acunetix features a fully automated web browser capable of understanding complicated technologies like Google Toolkit. Its company-wide vulnerability management mechanism lets an employee stay productive and secure at the same time. Ideal for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, Acunetix is a must-have for your company. The automatic firewall configuration takes care of permissions and other web app security features.

Acunetix is available both online and offline. You can also have an enterprise edition to be used across multiple platforms.

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