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Cybercrimes are on the rise. And the only way out is doing a web application security audit at regular intervals. It is a must for your business to survive today. Customers flock to those businesses that ensure utmost protection of their information. Upon completing a web application security audit, the professional places a web security test badge on your website. This increases client confidence. And your sales increase.

What is web application security audit?

Web app security audit works almost like app penetration test. Here, the professional pretends to be a hacker. The professional analyze the app for vulnerabilities, weaknesses or other flaws. The result of the analysis is presented before the system administrator. The person is also informed of the impact of each weakness found in the application. Certain experts or agencies may even propose possible solutions for trouble.

Why web application security audit?

Web application security audit is definitely beyond the grasp of an average businessman. But it plays a vital role in your success in today’s competitive world. Hire a professional for the purpose and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Protects your website from hackers
  • Eliminates the possibility of stealing of information
  • Minimises loss
  • Boosts customer confidence
  • Ensures maximum profits in the long run
  • Increases your return on investment

Eninja Technology’s web application security audit service is a service conducted by well-experienced and highly skilled experts. Our packages are ideal for every aspect of your website application; third party assurance, commissioning, post-attack evaluations and to fulfil regulatory obligations.

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