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eNinja Technologies has certified consultants who provide consulting and training for SOC 2. Security of sensitive information is always a cause of concern for businesses across the globe. This holds for those firms that outsource its operations to third parties. Mishandling of information may have disastrous consequences. The situation grows worse if it happens from your cloud computing service provider. You store vital information in their servers. Here is where SOC2 comes to your rescue. The auditing service ensures that your service providers can protect your interests. They should be proactive in thwarting cyber thefts, installation of malware etc.

What is SOC2?

SOC2 is a standard developed by the American Institute of CPAs. It aims to decide the criteria for managing customer information based on the five principles of trust; Availability, processing integrity, security, confidentiality and privacy.

SOC differs greatly from PCI-DSS. Its requirements are rigid. SOC2, in the meantime, can be modified by the nature of your business. All you need to do is to ensure compliance with any one of the five basic trust principles. The SOC2 reports help the business, the regulators and its associates with the information about how effectively service providers handle the interests of a business.

SOC2 certification

An outside auditor issues SOC2 certification. The SOC2 professional checks your compliance with any of the five trust principles. If yes, he certifies your organisation. And to get the certification, you do the following:

  • Call upon a well-experienced auditor
  • Choose the criteria for the professional to audit
  • Based on the information you receive, you prepare a roadmap for the process.
  • The professional does the official auditing
  • You get certified.
  • The process continues at regular intervals

Why go for SOC2 compliance certification?

SOC2 compliance certification gives you an edge over your competition that doesn’t have the same. Your buyers start trusting more, and your brand reputation remains intact. Yes, SOC2 compliance certification is an added safety mechanism to your business.

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