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Mobile Application Security

Mobile application security is now a crucial part of data security and cyber security attacks. Testing can help confirm that there aren’t any loopholes in your application that may be the reason behind data loss of confidential information. The several layers of testing is meant to attack the application to identify possible threats and vulnerabilities that would allow external persons or systems to access private information stored on the mobile device. We store a lot of information on our devices. Exposure of that information could mean irreversible compromise to the devices and their users. Encrypting data can be a possible as well as a viable solution, but it’s not invincible -because everything that can be encrypted can be decrypted.

Mobile come majorly under 3 classifications:

  • Web based applications: These are similar to normal web applications that are accessed from a mobile phone built in HTML.
  • Native applications: These are the apps that are native to the device built using the OS features and can run only on that particular OS and no other.
  • Hybrid applications: These look like native but they behave like web apps making the best use of both web based and native features.

All these applications are prone to attacks and compromise with varying degrees of vulnerabilities. There are several shortcomings that can be encountered while mobile applications security testing. These can be, but are not limited to - integration with unsecured apps, unsecured communications, security breaches allow access to malware, improper utilisation of improper authorization etc. This is why it’s crucial for your organisation to have proper IT consultation and access to tools that are highly recommended by them.

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