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ISO 22301

eNinja Technologies has certified consultants who provide consulting and training for ISO 22301. ISO 22301 stands for ISO 22301:2012 Societal security – Business continuity management systems – Requirements. It was framed by professionals working in the field of business continuity. And it gives you the most effective mechanism to ensure continuity of business in an organisation.

Upon implementation of this standard, you earn the right to apply to an accredited organisation. It certifies that you are ISO 22301-compliant allowing you to declare your authentic presence in the market. This facility is not available in any other business continuity standards you may come across. The exciting thing about this standard is that you can apply for it irrespective of the size, nature and purpose of your business.

Implementing ISO 22301

Implementing this business continuity standard may require grass-root preparation. And the best thing is to hire an external agency working in the field. But if a DIY approach is what you prefer, the following tips will help.

  • Make sure that the entire organisation, including the senior management team, is committed to the process.
  • Ensure effective communication between every staff in your company
  • Evaluate your existing plan and compare it with ISO 22301
  • Request feedback from customers and dealers about your present business continuity management mechanism
  • Get the right kind of team
  • Allocate responsibilities, set timeframes and define roles
  • Begin with the integration of the basic principles of ISO 22301 into your company policies
  • Offer rewards and training to increase staff engagement
  • Circulate the documentations and encourage your employees to get trained as auditors
  • Review your performance at regular intervals to ensure continuous improvement

Benefits of ISO 22301

Implementing ISO 22301 helps you attain the following business objectives:

  • Ensures continuity of operation
  • Helps you safeguard the interests of your investors and profit
  • Helps you meet the legal requirements of conducting business in your area


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